Accelerating growth for global businesses.

Our mission is to accelerate the growth of technology companies through capital investment, global expansion and opportunistic venture co-creation.  Urgent is a unique hybrid between an operating company and an investment company.  


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The team invests time and money in high-potential technology companies with the following attributes:

  • Outstanding management team that includes a visionary Founder

  • Proven business model, ready to scale to new geographies, especially in the Asia-Pacific region

  • Durable competitive advantage, preferable due to network effects and new category creation

  • A mission driven company culture that fosters innovation

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Urgent is a cohesive team that has been co-investing, founding and growing global businesses together for over 20 years.   

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As Founders, Operators and Investors the Urgent team understands the scarcest resource is often time.  We help world class tech-companies scale faster.

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